How Quality Butterfly Valves Can Save Your Company A LOT of Money

Updated: May 20, 2019

Regardless of the industry, saving money and maximizing investments are imperative. Our current economic climate stresses this even more. However, too often decision makers cut costs by opting for cheap products and are then surprised by the extensive maintenance/replacement costs that come later. Remember, cheap is not always frugal.

From a consumer’s perspective, a purchase decision can be considered a trade-off between perceived cost and perceived quality … both of which are subjective concepts. The valve industry knows this all too well. Some valve manufacturers market to the cost-conscious consumer, seeking to take advantage of their ignorance of quality.

“Buy a cheap butterfly valve and replace it often”.

“We import our valves to save you money.”

“Don’t bother maintaining your valves, just let us sell you more”

Have you been told this before? These are just some of the ways distributors can trap you into buying a valve of inferior quality. A valve that will cost you more in the long run. On a superficial level, butterfly valves perform the same function no matter where you get it from. So do watches. You could buy a cheap watch and replace it often when wear and tear occur. You might actually do this in your regular life. However, the savvy consumer would realize that that product is of a low quality AND would cost you more in the long run. Sticking with the watches analogy, consider a high-quality timepiece that lasted much longer, offered skilled repair services for regular maintenance and was locally made. These watches would initially cost more but save you a lot of money in the long run.

Intrinsic components of a quality butterfly valve

o Not rubber-lined. Butterfly valves with stainless steel lining last MUCH longer and are more durable than the cheaper rubber option.

o In-house seal kit offered. A seal kit is used for when a seal wears out.

o Self-energized. This means you do not have to replace the whole valve.

Paltech’s Pal-TTM Butterfly Valve offers all of this and much more. The extrinsic value of our valves allows our clients to be a part of a company that cares for the environment and community.

Extrinsic components of a quality butterfly valve

• Lower quality providers would require you to replace the entire valve. Not only does this add to the waste going into the environment, but it also increases your plant’s downtime and halts production. Our valves can last you many years and the only thing you would need to replace is the seal, only the seal. This reduces downtime and thus increases production.

• The environmental implications of not replacing your shit anymore are the dream of any “green” company.

• You will also have fewer headaches and worries, knowing that the valves we provide won’t breakdown on them out of nowhere.

• We are also a Black Owned local South African manufacturer. Giving you the opportunity to support a community-involved business headed by African leaders in the valve industry.

In conclusion

Investing in quality butterfly valves can save your plant /company a lot of money. Purchasing decisions are influenced by perceived cost and quality. The quality of a valve goes far beyond what the price presents. Knowing both the intrinsic and extrinsic values of a valve help you make a better-informed purchasing decision, one that can be cost-effective and boost your company profile by associating with an excellent valve manufacturer/distributor like Paltech.

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